Build Confocal NLOS Imaging platform

according to O’Toole et al.

Confocal NLOS imaging Setup

In mid-2018, under the guidance of our mentor, we plan to follow the work of Stanford University O’Toole and others on time-resolved NLOS imaging

M. O’Toole, D. B. Lindell, and G. Wetzstein, “Confocal non-line-of-sight imaging based on the light-cone transform,” Nature, vol. 555, no. 7696, p. 338, 2018, doi:

We purchased corresponding equipment, including ultrafast pulse lasers, single-photon avalanche diodes, time-dependent single-photon counters, etc., and purchased an optical platform.

Although our laboratory does not have a basis for optical experiments, we have established a confocal NLOS imaging system. This system can currently image some simple NLOS scenes, but there is still a problem of large time jitter (which means a low horizontal resolution). At present, we are trying our best to improve the reconstruction quality from both perspective of hardware and algorithm.

Ruixu Geng (耿瑞旭)
Ruixu Geng (耿瑞旭)
Graduate Student

My research interests include computer vision and computational imaging, especially Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) imaging.